Sievert Construction has built many commercial projects in the Northwest, including conventional wood-framed buildings and steel buildings. From simplistic to complex, Sievert Construction’s steel buildings are competitively priced and of the highest quality.

Bridger Aerospace

Bridger Aerospace’s new facility, recently completed by Sievert Construction, feature’s a Varco Pruden pre-engineered steel structure capable of storing up to nine twin commander aircraft. Also, featuring a two level office and a manufacturing facility located on the west side of the hanger. The office strategically located, not only takes in breathtaking views of the entire valley, but also allows Bridger Aerospace managers to see all airplane operations on the taxiway.

Acore of Montana

Acore of Montana’s new facility located north east of Yellowstone International Airport, features a Behlen pre-engineered steel building with a Eaglespan roof structure. This roof is slightly arched to the back in a style allowing all snow to slide off the back of the building away from the overhead doors while adding an current design innovation. The Eaglespan system is capable of spamming up to 225 feet clear with no posts, in a wide variety of arches symmetrical and also offsite designs. The Acore project will be completed shortly.

Riding Arena North of Bozeman

Here’s a look from above at this beautiful riding arena Sievert Construction is working on right now. Varco Pruden Buildings are great to work with for projects like this.

Auto Stop

A state of the art, high-end auto repair shop on Main Street Downtown Bozeman. Each lift station featuring automatic car lifts, exhaust ventilation systems, and an eco friendly, efficient oil heating system.

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Keller Supply

18,800 square foot HVAC warehouse distributer featuring a 2,000 square foot LED lit office space.

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Buffalo Restoration

A North-side of Bozeman restoration company with warehousing and modern office space. The building has a very current look and feel.

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MT Self Storage

A full service, climate control facility featuring heating, air conditioning, humidification, and de-humidification systems. The purpose for this storage is pharmaceuticals, perishables, antiques, guns, and historic documents. This high-end facility features high-end security including cameras, motion censors, and fencing.

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A 10,000 square foot plumbing supply warehouse in Four Corners featuring R-25 walls and R-38 roof making it a very easy to heat and cool.

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